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Friday, 19 June 2009


Well, so much for handing out leaflets in the town center. Nick Griffin got a seat. Not good, not good at all. I felt a bit pious and alarmingly PC sending 'not in my name' emails to my friends but to think of that...person...partially representing my interests in the European Parliament makes me shudder.

On a lighter note, I'm absolutely knackered tonight from trying to cope with the end of term and staying up too late to finish off a counselling assignment that I'm doing for my professional updating. In today's brave new world, it's clear I'll never be professional enough. It took more time squashing my answer in 1,500 words than it would to have written 2,500 words, which wasn't allowed. Too much reading for the assessors I guess (I can sympathise). And I'm also tired after last night's excitement. I went to see the Pet Shop Boys at the Manchester Apollo with my lovely friend Karen. Which other group would do their opening number with paper boxes on their heads????? Great visuals, sumptuous tunes, disco beats and lots and lots of boxes. Fab.