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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

A walk from the Ribble Estuary to the Sea

There is  something slightly bleak about estuaries but, looking east, the Ribble Estuary is rather beautiful, and, on a clear day such as this, I can make out the hills that overlook my own small town: Winter Hill and Rivington Pike with their distinctive shapes in the distance. Out on the mud, redshanks skitter up and down like a chorus of impatient dancers before a curtain call.

Reaching the outer edge of Fairhaven Lake, the sun breaks through bringing sudden warmth which cuts through the sharp cool breeze. I stop and sit on a bench and soak it up for some minutes before walking on past the beacon and cutting down to the rough silt and stone path that leads between the sand dunes and the marshy grass to the more seaside oriented St Annes. Unfortunately, enjoying the sunshine and a cup of tea, I forget to keep my eye on the train times.  The next journey involves three changes. Better to catch a later one but  what to do with myself meantime?

On my way to the station, I spot a board directing people's attention to No 10, where fine beers, ciders and wines are to be had. Number 10 turns out to be a micro brewery bar in a disused shop premises, where a large glass of Shiraz can be purchased for less a fiver.

On the train, bouyed and made mellow by the wine, I listen to Stornoway on my phone app. Cobwebs blown into touch.

Stornoway - Get Low

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