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Saturday, 10 September 2011

For a moment life becomes like Torchwood

On my way home today, I was stopped by some  young men with fixed, blankly bland expressions and plastic badges with 'The Gospel of Jesus Christ' printed on them, who asked me had I ever read the bible. My answer that yes, I was aware of the gospel, was followed up by the odd remark, 'Do you know some people are describing Jesus as a prophet?' I got annoyed at this point and brushed them off, whilst thinking that this could be an episode from Torchwood. Are these blokes from another planet? No, just anti-islamic.

As I walked away, they shouted behind me, 'Don't forget, in this time people will refer to Jesus as a prophet!' Who exactly, racists like you?' I wondered, as I crossed the road and headed towards the market. 

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