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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Shopping and TV

 I went a bit mad this afternoon buying accessories and costume jewellery at Salford Quays. I've been so busy lately, focused on work or slumped on the settee watching drama of varying quality that, apart from a trip to the hairdressers, I've hardly bothered treating myself till last week, when I bought a Betty Jackson top in Kendals. That day I  also indulged in some expensive eye make-up, which looked great on the palette but made me look ill when I wore it. Retail therapy gone wrong.

On a totally different note,  I have really  enjoyed  the BBC 2 documentary 'Our Secret Streets', which takes a look at streets in London that were surveyed by Charles Booth in 1866. I like the way it show how economics and class still shape our lives. Although the first  programme may have misrepresented a former Deptford councillor by setting him up as a bogey man for wholesale house clearance policies, it's been really fascinating.  It focuses on real life characters in a way that adds a dramatic element to what would otherwise be a rather sober socio-historical appraisal of the issues. It's good to see history, education and entertainment so well blended. Much better than mediocre drama.

The Secret History of Our Streets

(This image is  from wikipedia)


mmp said...

Goodness, Kendals AND Salford Quays?!

i fel tired just thinking about it http://themuddledmarketplace.blogspot.co.uk.....

Joan Barleycorn said...

I had been a long time without retail therapy and it was two separate occasions!

J :)