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Friday, 19 April 2013

Just another entry

Real life takes over. It grabs by the the scruff of the neck and demands total engagement. Routine and change, long hours trying to keep on top of my work load. No head space from which to blog. 

It isn't all work, though.  I recently  took a mini-break to London where I bought retro jewellery and wool in Camden Passage,  a filigree heart and a tiny bronze figure of a tribesman  in Portobello Road, called in the Persephone  bookshop in Lamb's Conduit Street  and  travelled up and down the town from Clerkenwell to Richmond to Greenwich, courtesy of an off-peak travel card.

Then Margaret Thatcher died.I didn't celebrate. It seems unhuman to celebrate the death of anyone, even someone one profoundly disagreed with.  I did listen to this song and understood the sentiment, though.

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