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Sunday, 22 January 2012

An audience?

According to my stats, modest as they are, this month I've had thirty-six hits from Russia. Wonder why? Maybe it's part of an exercise helping Russians improve their English? I'm sitting here, tapping at the keyboard, visualising thirty-six English students flicking through English blogs, reading extracts aloud to the tutor, who is encouraging them to tackle tricky diphthongs and explaining unfamiliar idioms to them. Or could it be that the Moscow branch of The Sherlock Holmes Society have stumbled across last year's entry on their hero? Then again, could it be a natural history group reading up on dunnocks? My entry on the sexual habits of the dunnock is one of my better read posts, though I've often suspected it's the term 'sexual habits' which attracts hits from punters, Russian or otherwise, in search of more erotic fare. More likely it's some kind of internet 'drone' mining Western sites for goodness knows what purpose.

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