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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Fresh fields

Lots of rest and a little less tiredness. I feel like I can start making an effort again.

Enjoyed New Year's Eve with friends. Good company is indeed a wonderful thing. One of the guests was back to visit his friends in England for a few days. He gave up his office bound job here in England, went back to France, worked on farms for a while and has now returned to college to study agricultural. He is hoping, eventually, to start a commercial small holding of his own. His descriptions of life in rural south-west France are really engaging, and he looks fresh and revitalised like he's found a real sense of purpose, which is lovely to witness. So many of us sleep walk through our lives and stay stuck in situations that don't bring the real rewards of a life well lived. Not that I want to up sticks and start a farm but I need to remember that life is for living and not just working and slopping about in front of the TV.

Afterwards, we got dropped off from the mini-bus and walked down the lane home. It had stopped raining and we had a wonderful night view across Cheshire and West Lancashire. It was so very quiet and peaceful.

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